Laws of malaysia
(As At 20 TH Febuary 2016


        In this project titled " Malaysia Constitutional System, a preliminary study on the use of advance searching algorithm technique." research on how to develop advanced searching web application is beign conducted. Besides, the responsiveness of the website to all types of personal computer and smart devices is beign considered.

        Based on "Federal Constitution (AS AT 20 TH FEBUARY 2016)" as a reference book of many public and politicians in Malaysia during debates, study and others. The statute of federal constitution have 183 articles, 16 parts, 19 chapters and interrelated articles for every page. .

        Users such as students, politician and public are difficult to know the details of constitutional law, advanced searching aspects will make the web application more user-friendly and easy to use among all users. A few advanced searching algorithm will be study and explained. Users mode website will also be introduced in this project.

        At the end of this project, all information and details gathered will be analyzed. An intelligent web system using advanced searching algorithm will be developed and user-friendly will be illustrated. A prototype built from the analyzed data to further support the finding in this project.

Problem Statement

        Users such as politicians and public are difficult to know the details of federal constitutional, that make users are always misunderstanding about the constitutional because they do not properly understand all the topics that relates to each other. This situation always make fights in parliament during the debates.

        Searching from one article to another article with different topics and parts make difficult to the users because users need to find all of the related acts from the book using manually. Besides that, the problem that encounter when users will be missed with some articles that relate with other article because using manual it is hard to handle the book of federal constitutional.

        Other than that, most of users were confused and misunderstand because of many articles that related. So, misunderstanding and ignorance will make damage and harmony in Malaysia.

       Meanwhile, another problem that we are focusing would be the designs of most mobile phones. They are not designed in a user-friendly way. Take iPhone as an example, the holding space at the side of the phone is insufficient for a users to firmly grip the device while searching.


a) To study the algorithm of advance searching that suitable for developing Malaysia Constitutional System.

• Nowadays, there are a lots of algorithm that can make an advance searching. In this project, the comparison of Dijaktra Algorithm, Best-first Search, A* algorithm and Beam search algorithm will be conduct to find the best and suitable algorithm that can relate for advance searching of constituional law in Malaysia

b) To develop a prototype system using reecommended advance searching algorithm.

• An evaluation and analyzation based on the study of advance searching algorithm that can relate to constitutional law in Malaysia will be carried out to find the best solution. research on ways to solve that problem with develop the web application by advance searching algorithm will be conducted

c) To measure the effectiveness of proposed system

• After detail research and analysis, a web application will be developed. This web application will be handed over to some politicians and student law to get the feedback of effectiveness of web application.